Google-Accelerated-Mobile-PagesGoogle has announced the launch of GBoard, which is an iOS based keyboard app that can be installed and used to search directly in any app without having to leave the app.  It not onl lets you search and send information from the keyboard on your iOS device, but it lets you find GIFs, emojis and more.

As seen in the video, if you use iMessenge, you can quickly search for information and embed that data directly into your message back to your friend.

Something else that’s cool is that, instead of scrolling to find your favorite emojis, you can locate them by searching with specific terms like “dancer.”  In return, you could find emojis like💃 or 👯.  Not only can you search for GIFs, the Gboard keyboard has Glide Typing, which is a feature that allows users to type words by sliding their finger from key to key instead of tapping.  For some, this could really speed up the process of typing.


Download it for free on iOS over here.

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