Google Launches Live Label In Carousel For Live Blog Publishers

Google g logo 2015 1920 800x450An announcement has been made by Google that the red live label they have been testing over a month ago has finally gone live, and has taken the form of live blog schema.

Now, publishers are able to mark up their content with this live blog schema, so that they can communicate to Google that the content is a “live blog.”  If there is a live blog that is currently live, Google will display the live label on the content in the publisher carousels.

This feature is available for publishers today.  If you’re a publisher, and you are interested in checking it out, then you can review the publisher carousels section.  So far, those who are participating in this is The Guardian, the Washington Post, The Telegraph and platform provider ScribbleLive.

Here’s a GIF of what it would look like in action:

Google live label in carousel for live blog publishers

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