Google Launches Major Push To Get Local Businesses Online, Improve Data

Google logo 874x288A new program is being introduced by Google, which they are calling Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map.  Similar to Facebook’s Blueprint and Learn How sites that also launched this week, Google’s program offers resources to business owners to help them get online or correct and complete their online presences.

The idea behind the program is for each user who visits of the site will see a localized version, which is all based on IP detection.  Google is inviting business owners to search for themselves and tell them if their listings are not only there, but complete.  If their information is incomplete, it asks businesses to update their information.

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So what does this mean if you’re not even online?  In this case, Google offers those who don’t have a website a free domain and a one year hosted website through Startlogic.

Google is trying to reach out to local chambers of commerce, as well as other local organizations  to assist in the effort of getting business data into Google:

We’re also forming partnerships with local organizations—like chambers and small business development centers—and equipping them with free trainings and customized city materials to run workshops just like the one Marieshia attended in Garland. These local partners know the challenges for local businesses more than anyone—and they recognize the value of getting businesses online.

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