If you use an application that leverages the Google Ads API, which rolled out of beta last week, there’s now a new query builder tool is now available.  The query tool’s web interface is meant to make it easy to build queries for reporting on your Google Ads accounts.

The new Google Ads Query Language is used in the API to return results for account resources and metrics.  Cory Liseno on the Google Ads API Team explains that ”The language’s syntax allows you to select from all the resources that are available for reporting, and also filter or sort the result set on the server before they are returned to your application.”

In order to get it working, just select the “resource” such as campaign, ad group, bid modifier, label, etc.,  then choose any of the fields and metrics that relate to the resource. You can then apply filters and sorting to the query.

After that, you can select the query text generated at the bottom of the window and copy and paste that right into the application you’re using.

Google’s new query builder for Google Ads API.

The cool thing about the Query Builder is that although it resides on the Google Ads API Developer site, you don’t have to be a developer to utilize it.  Due to its interface, you don’t have to know how to format queries in the query language to get the kind of reporting that you’re looking for.  Almost anyone on the team can have the ability to quickly build reporting queries and either execute them themselves or pass along the proper syntax to their developers.

You can access and start playing with the Google Ads Query Builder here.

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