google-alerts-600x175We are always getting treated to new looks and feels of big name websites all the time.  Naturally, they want to keep things fresh for everybody.  The same thing all the time can get pretty dull, can’t it?  It looks like Google has totally revamped the user interface and design for Google Alerts.

What’s so great about Google Alerts?  In case you didn’t already know, Google Alerts will allow a searcher to subscribe to be notified if new content Google discovers on a particular keyword via email or RSS feed.  One of the big pluses about Google Alerts is that it can help you manage your online reputation, and let you follow companies and topics that you’re interested in.

Because of the new interface, it’ll be much easier to understand and use, unlike the previous interface, which was designed to be used by more of an advanced user.  The new interface allows for more people to be able to use Google Alerts, and not just those who know what they’re doing.

In a nutshell, the revamped Google Alerts begins with a simple search box, and then followed by your current alerts, and finally the suggested alerts.


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