AdWords advertisers now have a brand new video ad option to add to their arsenal.  This option is a format called Outstream Video Ads, which will operate on mobile devices across Google video partner mobile sites and apps.

The new Outstream Video Ads, unlike TrueView in-stream ads or Bumper ads, won’t require placement within a YouTube video.  This change gives advertisers the ability to reach an audience when there isn’t a YouTube video present.  The videos will appear in banners for mobile web placements, like banners, interstitials, in-feed and native for apps.

This new format is simliar to the popular Responsive ads that are currently running across the Google Display Network.When coming into view, the videos will run without any sound, but a tap from a user will turn the sound on. Users will be able to restart the video as well.

An Outstream Ad can be purchased on a viewable CPM basis, and will only appear on Google video partner sites or apps (for now).  Google will enhance the look with a message, logo and link, which is very similar to Responsive ads.  Advertisers will have to include the following:

  • Video.
  • Logo.
  • Headline.
  • Description.
  • Final URL.
  • Thumbnail (optional).

In order to set up an Outstream video ads campaign, advertisers will create a new video campaign (using the goal of ‘brand awareness and reach’ and choose ‘Outstream’ as the campaign subtype. Frome there, you will be able to set bids and start/end dates.

For more information, see the official Google blog post.

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