Google recently announced that is is launching a new feature that aims to help you rephrase your query when the search engine can’t find the right results on the web. According to Google, it is rolling out in the US today “a new message that lets you know when Google hasn’t been able to find anything that matches your search particularly well.”

But, Google says that you probably won’t see this message since Google does hope to give you great search results for most queries except for a “fairly small proportion of queries,” you may see this message come up. When this message does come up, it’ll give you advice on how to change your query to find better results.

The following screenshot shows the message that reads “it looks like there aren’t any great matches for your search.” After that, it’ll give tips and advice on how to retry your search.

Back in November when Google tested this, Google made you click to see more search results. In the launched version of this feature, users will see search results below this box. o see more search results. In the launched version of this feature, Google will show you search results — although not great results — below this box. “While you can still go through the results to see for yourself if they’re helpful, the message is a signal that we probably haven’t found what you’re looking for,” Google said.

This could be good for an increased amount of searches related to COVID-19, since information and advice about the virus is always changing. This is a reason why Google expanded the question hub to the U.S.

SourceBarry Schwartz