google-thumbGoogle has started to allow certain people or groups, who are known to be the “official representative” of the information given within the Knowledge Graph box in he search results to make either edits or suggest changes to the information found there.

If you find something while searching that brings up a Knowledge Graph box that’s associate with your Google account, Google will show you a box that lets you make changes.  The box that appears asks “Is this info up-to-date?”  It also ads “only you can see this” and then tells you that, “As an official representative, you can suggest a change.”  After that, you can check out the “learn more” link that leads you to this help article and a “Suggest A Change” link that gives you the ability to make edits on the search results page.

The following screen shot is of :


There is an explanation in the help document by Google:

If you officially represent a topic that has a Knowledge Graph card in Google search results, you can request changes to that card. To be recognized by Google as an “official representative,” you need to be signed in as an owner of the topic’s official website, YouTube channel, or Google+ page.

How does Google decide if you’re associated with the information int he answer box and gives you are able to edit and make changes?  Here are the requirements that you need to meet:

  • The Knowledge Graph card includes the topic’s official website, YouTube channel or Google+ page.
  • You’re an owner of the online presence (the topic’s official website, YouTube channel or Google+ page) that appears in the card. In some cases, if you’re an owner of a topic’s online presence, you might also be an official representative for related topics, such as a parent company and its subsidiaries.
  • You’re signed in to Google with the account you use as the owner of the topic’s online presence.
  • Your Web & App Activity is turned on.

Can you edit your local Google My Business information directly inline?  No.  You’ll still need to head over to the Google My Business area to do that.  All this new feature allows you to do is request a change to a Knowledge Graph card in the Google search results.

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