This week, Google’s lead generation program for small local service provider has finally made it’s way past the U.S.

Google Local Services are launching in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada.

The program is starting with three verticals:

  • locksmiths
  • plumbers
  • HVAC service providers.

According to Kim Spalding, global director of SMB Ads at Google, the markets appealed because Google has seen significant search demand for these kinds of services in these locations.

Since its launch back in San Francisco in 2015 under the name Home Services, Google Local Services steadily expanded.  It was available in just 17 cities a year ago, and now, according to Spalding, it’s now available in 13 home services verticals in more than 90 markets in the U.S.  Google said it has seen about 5X growth in the number of advertisers in the local services program.

There are others just like this out there as well, including the duo of Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor, and Amazon launched its home services program a few months ahead of Google in 2015.  There was an expansion of the Amazon Services beyond the U.S. where it went to three markets in the UK in May.

Google Local Services ads appear at the very top of the search results. Advertisers pay for leads relevant to the services they offer.

Here’s more information about Google Local Services from Search Engine Land:

  • As in the U.S., approved Google Home Services ads in Canadian Markets will appear with the Google Guarantee badge as well as customer ratings and reviews.
  • Last year, Google launched a Local Services app for service providers to manage their ads and respond to leads.
  • Spalding also confirmed an experiment to show the number of bookings a provider has received in a searcher’s local area in the ads. See an example of this test below

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