Google Looks at Comparative Searches from 2006 to Mark 15 Years of Google Trends (Infographic)

It’s crazy to think how time just flies. Google is currently celebrating 15th anniversary of Google Trends. Google Trends originally came out in 2006.

As explained by Google:

“Though [Google Trends] data goes back to 2004, it became available two years later. This summer, Google Trends turns 15, so we thought it would be the perfect time to look back on trends of yesteryear and compare what people were searching for back in 2006 to today.”

The trends they’ve covered included:

  • 2020: “Election results”
  • 2019: “Disney Plus”
  • 2018: “World Cup”
  • 2017: “Hurricane Irma”
  • 2016: “Powerball”
  • 2015: “Lamar Odom”
  • 2014: “Robin Williams”

Google also published a listing of key tips on how to make best use of Google Trends data as well as an overview of the app’s evolution and development

Check out the following comparative search trends overview (2006 vs. 2021) below.

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