google-adwords-gradient1-1920Advertisers are now able to add and remove email addresses from existing Customer Match lists in AdWords by uploading a file to the list.  It’s also possible to completely replace the list with a new file without having to create a new Customer Match list.

The options can be found in the edit window for existing lists in the Audiences section of the Shared Library.


Being able to add emails to an existing list isn’t anything new, but with this new workflow, it makes the process cleaner.

With this announcement, Google shared some case studies on ways advertisers have been using Customer Match:

  • TurboTax created customized ads and landing pages to ease returning customers into the tax-filing process, decreasing its cost per conversion by 31% in the process.
  • Guitar Center made product-specific customer lists and increased CTR by 60%.
  • The Children’s Place re-engaged back-to-school shoppers with customized ads, increasing its return on investment (ROI) by 287%.
  • One Click Ventures cross-sold eyewear across multiple websites and saw a 412% increase in conversion rate.
  • Wine Enthusiast Companies combined Customer Match and RLSA to sell wine merchandise to its customer base, delivering a 3x higher ROI.

Customer Match give dvertisers the ability to target customers in Google Search, YouTube and Gmail campaign via Google email addresses.  It offers them the ability to append a list to an existing customer list.

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