When it comes to boiling down a marketer’s fears in the digital economy to a single idea, what would it be?  Some would argue that it would be loss of control.

Naturally, how you and your brand is being talked about and presented across all the various sites, channels and platforms can, at times, feel like its completely out of your hands.  There is always going to be a concern that potential customers are going to be misled, whether it be through malicious reviews or inaccurate business information that would inevitably push people away from your brand and towards a competing one.

There is one path that Google My Business (GMB) is taking that is mean to help brands solve the latter issue.  GMB serves a similar function to business listings, which is similar to Yelp or Yellow Pages,  but has the extra benefit of being tied directly to the tech giant’s search engine.

When your business is being searched for by a consumer, Google My Business will return a customizable listing to go along with other searches.  Things like location, store hours and customer reviews is available from the Google search engine results page.  This gives users more of a direct line to you business, which means eliminating potential barriers to engagement.

In a post by Brian Smith, he talks about his belief that recent updates and added features illustrate Google’s commitment to making the platform work for local business owners.

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