Google Map Maker Up Again In 45 More Countries Including The U.S.

Google map maker As we’ve reported before, Google re-launched Map Maker earlier this month, as the Google Maps feature went on a several-month hiatus to address hacking issues that had resulted in racist map references and several other problems.

When Map Maker first came back online, it came online for Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, India, the Philippines and Ukraine, with addition of a new moderation system that relies on regional lead moderators.

Now, Google has said that Map Maker is now live in 45 new countries, although the company won’t list the specific countries, although the US is one of them.  If you want to know if your country is one of the ones on the list, you can search it to see if it is back online for you.

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As this is the second wave of re-openings, with 51 countries back online, it isn’t clear how long it’ll be before all regions and countries are will be back online.

If you’re curious about applying to become a regional lead moderator, you can use this form to do it.

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