google-thumbIt’s been recently announced by Google that there are more ways to make additions and changes to the Google Maps data.  Users will be able to edit vvenue locations, add new venue locations and make edits or verify edits to the data about venues on Google Maps.

Check out the screen shots of the new features that are rolling out.

The below image shows you being able to suggest an edit to a specific venue in Google Maps.

Google Maps Suggest an Edit

The next image shows how you can add a new venue to a location, if the venue is missing:

You’ll also be able to contribute new data or knowledge about a specific venue by clicking on the “know what features this place has” link.  The image below shows the process.  Currently, this only works on the Android version of Google Maps.


Finally, users can view suggested edits and features others added and confirm them or adjust them yourself.  Here’s the shots of how that works:

Shot 1 Shot 2 Shot 3

Ultimately, Google’s desire is that this will help improve the data they see on Google maps, while having the community offer the ability deal with the checks and balances when it comes to spam and manipulation.

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