Google Maps Adds Feature To Send Places To Your iPhone Or Android Phone

Google maps logo There has been an announcement about a new Google Maps feature made by Google through Google+ that allows a sync between the desktop version for Google Maps and the mobile app based versions of Google Maps.

With this feature now available, users will be able to send a place you found using the desktop version of Google Maps directly to your device, regardless of it’s an Android or iPhone.

The only thing you have to do is make sure you’re signed in to both the desktop version and the mobile version of Google Maps.  Google will show the device or devices that is available to send it to.

Google maps send to device


According to Google’s help document, it’s explains that if your device won’t show up, then make sure you’re signed in to Google Maps with the same account across your computer and mobile devices.  Also, make sure the latest version of Maps for mobile has been downloaded and installed to your device.

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