google-logoIts been announced by Google that they’ve expanded their popular times feature within Google Maps.  Now, it shows you a live view of the available data.  Google Maps will now tell you how busy or slow a specific venue is in real time.

Google said they have added a “real-time look at how crowded a place is right now, to help you decide where and when to go.”

In the animated GIF below, you’ll see a red live indicator icon that shows the real-time data, with an option, which marks if it is correct or not.


Originally, Google had added the popular times feature in July of 2015.  Shortly after that, they added how long people stay in that venue.

With this view, you are given an actual realtime view of that, which can be an important data point for holiday shopping.

Plus, Google can even show the business hours of stores within stores.  As an example, if you run a store such as CBS, and there’s a pharmacy located within, you can list both the normal store hours, as well as the pharmacy hours.

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