For Android users who use Google Maps, parking just got easier.

The Android Google Maps app now has a “find parking” button on the direction card that is displayed once you search for your location.  This new feature leads you to a list of parking garages and lots near the intended location.

It’s possible to select the preferred parking option, where the app automatically adds it to the trip, along with walking directions from the parking spot to the desired destination.

The new “find parking” feature has been rolled out in 25 US cities, Atlanta, Chicago, DC, Detroit, Portland, Orlando and St. Louis.

Not only that, the app expands its “parking difficulty” feature for iOS and Android apps to 25 international cities, such as Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, London, Milan, Rio de Janeiro and Vancouver.

When it’s available, an icon for parking difficulty appears in the bottom of a direction card screen, and it ranks parking availability as “limited,” “medium” or “easy” based on historical data.

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