Have you ever thought about taking a trip to the moon, or even better, a trip to Mars?  Well, the ticket may be really expensive, and the ability to actually sit in the spaceship to go to these places may be a long way away, but you can definantly take a tour of these celestial bodies through Google Maps.  Yesterday, Google Maps, through its Google+ profile, announced that users were able to explore the craters on Mars and take a virtual trip to the moon.


For the last two years, NASA’s Curiosity Rover has traveled around Mars, and this announcement marks this two year trip traveling around the surface of the Red Planet.

If you’re curious about checking out the Moon or Mars on Google Maps, just click the Earth view link in the bottom left corner of the Google Maps homepage.  Once you’ve gotten to the view of the 3D Earth, zoom all the way out to see the options for selecting the Moon or Mars across the bottom of the page.  You’ll see them in the “Explore” section.

Finally, if you click on the “Moon” or “Mars” links, images of the celestial objects will be launched.  From this  point, you can zoom in or out to check out these two space-fairing bodies.

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Google Maps Currently Taking Users To The Moon & Mars