Google Maps ‘Follow’ Button Gives Businesses A New Way To Connect With Users

Google Maps is adding a “Follow” button to business listings that, when clicked, will send updates from the business to the user’s “For You” tab. New businesses will also have the ability to have their business listed via a Google My Business profile up to three months prior to their open date.

Companies can now have a business listing in Google Maps three months prior to their open date.

To local search marketers using Google My Business, Google Maps is a key channel.  Now, with the addition of a “Follow” button added to business listings found via Google Maps, companies have a new way to engage consumers.

If a user clicks on the new “Follow” button in a business listing, Google Posts updates from that business will be delivered to the user’s “For You” tab, which is an area found in Google Maps where Google curates recommendations for users based on preferences that they shared.

Business profiles will be given to new businesses in Google Maps three months prior to their open date, which gives companies the opportunity to give searchers a heads up on new location openings.

“And for those of you who want to be in the know about all the new places opening around town, you’ll start seeing profiles for places before they even open on Google Maps for Android and mobile search—just look for the opening date in orange,” wrote Google Maps product manager Paul Cole.

Google said this feature will be rolling out over the next few weeks.

The following is more information on the Google Maps update:

  • The “Follow” button rolled out on Tuesday on Google Maps for Android devices. In the announcement, Google did not mention plans to release these features on iOS devices.
  • Businesses that want to list their business profiles in Google Maps prior to an open date can do so via Google My Business.
  • Google’s “For You” tab in Google Maps is a fairly new feature. First announced in May and released in June, it allows users to follow neighborhoods and dining spots and receive recommendations based on those preferences.





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