Google-Maps-logoHere’s some good news for  you Google Maps users on Android devices – you will soon be able to advise users where next to go via the new “Driving Mode” feature.

In a report by Venture Beat, the new “Driving Mode” feature will anticipate where a user wants to go, and then advice how to best get to that location.

According to a Google spokesperson, users will be able to utilize the feature “with just one tap” by creating a shortcut on their home screen.

“With a simple shortcut on your home screen, you’ll head straight into the new driving mode so you’re sure to get where you’re going on the quickest route possible — without entering a destination,” said the Google spokesperson.

With the “Drive Mode” feature, Google Map users will be able to access information, such as ETAs, traffic updates, nearby gas prices, and the fastest routs to familiar destinations “…all from your home screen.”


According to the Venture Beat report, the new feature will begin rolling out through the end of this week.  The report also said that this feature will be available only to English versions of the Android app.  Aside from that, here are the locations in which this feature will be available in.

  • United States
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Great Britain
  • Ireland
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore

After the roll out is complete and users gain access to the feature, users will be able to create a shortcut by pressing on a phone’s home screen and selecting the “google Maps Driving” shortcut icon from Android Widgets.    If you don’t want to access the feature that way, you can access it by tapping the sidebar menu and selecting the “Start Driving” option from within the app.

So how does it work exactly?  The cool thing is that the app predicts the destinations by the recent search history and addresses that have set location history data.  This is how it knows where you may want to go before even asking the app for directions to you favorite places.

“Based on location and time of day, Google Map driving mode will show ETAs for recently searched-for destinations,” said the Google spokesperson.

For more information on the “Driving Mode” feature on the app, you can check out the Google Maps Blog: Do I stay or do I go now? Google Maps has the answer in one tap.

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