Google-Maps-logoWith the newest iOS update to Google Maps, a few new features has been added to the app, such as the previously reported dedicated ride services tab.  Something else that’s been integrated is the recent Google Map lookups and saved places into Apple’s Spotlight Search.

If  you do a search in the Google Maps app and save/star a location, you can then open Spotlight, swipe right from the home screen, and then begin typing.  As you type, saved or previous searched locations will appear near the top of the results.

Google Maps features 1 Google Maps features 2 Google Maps features 3

By tapping on the Google Maps icon in Spotlight Search, you’ll be taken directly into the profile page in Google Maps.  From there, you’ll be able to get directions, have the option to call the business, and more.

At this point, there has been no data released by Apple on usage of Spotlight Search on the iPhone, but there has to be some indication that it works well enough, because of the fact Google is integrating the Spotlight Search feature in the first place.

Although there are some useful parts of Spotlight Search, it’s not the biggest or best part of the iOS experience.  But with the inclusion of this feature, could Spotlight Search become a more utilized feature of the OS?

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