For several years now, Google as tried transforming Maps from a tool to find directions to a broader utility and personalized discovery tool.  Back in May at the 2018 Google I/O, the company introduced a range of updated or new Google Maps features, among them a new ‘For You’ tab that just got a wider roll-out.

The For You tab was originally available on Android devices in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Japan.  It’s now rolling out to iPhones and iOS devices in 40 countries. The Android version is coming to 130 more countries.

Some of the other features introduced in May for Maps included:

  • A redesigned Explore tab
  • A group planning tool and Your Match
  • A score that predicts whether you’ll like a place (which requires location history to be turned on)

For You offers personalized recommendations for restaurants and other places based on when you’ve been and what you follow, not just places that is nearby to you.

You can also see the full range of Google’s capabilities on display in Maps: machine learning, location intelligence and personalization. So even though Google search results aren’t highly personalized, Google Maps’ is becoming much more so.

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