Google_world_map-7There’s some news revolving around mapping services to talk about today, and they revolve around the services provided by Google and Nokia.  For Google, although not huge news by any means, has made some minor changes that help improve usability, while Nokia seems to be having troubles selling their mapping service called HERE.

With the update made by Google Maps, the search bar on the top and explore bar on the bottom of the map screen will be hidden, creating a larger visual field.  By tapping on the screen, the bars will disappear and another brings them back.  As I said, it isn’t a huge update, but in this case, it’s a nice upgrade.  There some other minor changes that were made concerning places sharing and photos, described by TheNextWeb.


In Nokia news, according to Europe Reuters reports, negotiations between Nokia and German car makers to purchase HERE may have broken down.  It seems that the term “unraveling” is what the news outlets are describing the talks.

The car makers that were in talks with Nokia includes BMW, Daimier and VW.  Currently, the are all using HERE for navigation, and the car makers see digital maps as crucial for future success.  To them, it is critical to the development of self-driving cars.

So what seems to be the cause of the unraveling of the talks?  Although demand seems to be good, it actually boils down to price.  Years ago, Nokia purchased NAVTEQ, and understandably, they are trying to recoup the billions they paid for the service.  This is why things are breaking down between Nokia and the car companies.  It seems that Nokia is asking too much.  Nokia paid $8 billion for NAVTEQ, while they are asking for a sum somewhere between $3 and $4 billion from a buyer.

HERE will eventually sell, but for how much?

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