There is a new list-making feature that Google Maps has added that allows users to save locations to a specified list so that I can be accessed later and shared with others, even offline.

In order to save a location in Google Maps, users can tap on its name and then the “Save” icon to add it to a list.  Lists of saved places can be organized under preset lists Google has already named, like “Want to go” or “Favorites.”  Users will be able to create a new lists as well.

According to Google, lists can be shared by text and email, on social networks and via popular messaging apps.

From the Google Maps Blog:

Whenever friends and family come to town, tap the share button to get a link and start flexing your local knowledge muscles. Once you send a link to your out-of-towners, they can tap “Follow” to pull up the list from Your Places whenever they need it.

The following video was posted by Google to demonstrate how the new feature works:

The new list-making feature in Google Maps works on both both desktop and mobile devices.

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