Google May Be Updating Their Algorithm But They Won’t Confirm It

Google logo plain featured Lately, it seems there have been huge spikes in chatter amongst SEO and webmasters about Google search results shifting changing.

There have been complaints from many SEO’s and webmasters about the rankings in the Google search results. It seems that search results have declined drastically. Images have shown significant drops in traffic from Google organic source. Google has been asked about these updates, and every time they have said they had that there’s “nothing to announce.” this means they won’t confirm if there was an update or not.

On August 21st, it can be confirmed that search result monitoring tools, including Mozcast,SERPs.com, SERP Metrics and Algoroo all showed volatility. Since the chatter begin on September 4th, will have to wait for tomorrow to see if the tools show activity for today. Keep in mind that tools are about 24 hours delayed.

In less than 7 hours, hundreds of comments on the August 21st post and well over 50 comments were posted on September 4th.

Although Google does not always confirm their updates, keep in mind that enough noise was made on August 21st and September 4th, it would seem Google may have done some algorithmic update.