Surveys are being sent out to some local businesses by Google to see if they would be willing to pay for some features that they are currently getting for free from the company. Google My Business is a service being provided by Google for free that gives businesses the ability to update their information. In exchange, Google will provide searchers with local search results that are both relevant and accurate. Google may choose to begin charging a monthly fee for the service currently being offered for free.

Sean Bucher posted a screen shot of the survey on Twitter:

You can check out the survey over here. It clearly shows Google seeing if they can charge for Google My Business listings and if that’s the case, how much they could charge every month.

Google My Business, which launched in June 2014, is a service provided for free that will let you list your business profile on Google Maps and Google search. It assists you in reaching and engaging with local customers across Google Search and Maps, while letting Google provide accurate local information to searchers.

In the survey, local businesses were asked how much they would pay every month for many services that are already included within Google My Business. According to the survey, Google would charge anywhere between $10 and $70 per month to be listed in the Google local results.

The following image shows one of the pricing models asked in the survey:

Below are some various services and packages that may be included in the monthly fee:

It’s obvious that if Google added this fee to its Google My Business customers, they’d make some good money off it. But it does make me wonder if there would be a backlash from the same customers with the sudden introduction of a fee for a service that has been free this whole time.

Source – Barry Schwartz