mobile300Many moons ago (back in July, actually) Google began making an effort to label mobile search results that had results from Flash enabled sites with mobile warnings.  In a nutshell, users would be meant to cautioned when clicking to the site by showing a notice that states “Uses Flash.  May not work on your device.  Try anyway | Learn more.”

Now, more people will be able to be forewarned when coming into contact with a Flashed enabled site on a mobile device, as the warning is being rolled out to more international languages today.  The warning was expanded to Spanish searches on, Japanese queries on and English queries on in early October.

Johannes Mehlem from Google had said that it is expanding to “more non-English queries.”

What does the warning look like in English and in German?  Take a peek at the example below.


Additionally, the warning is also included in the new mobile usability reports within Google Webmaster Tools.  That too has launched.

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