Google has add the ability for users to see reviews across multiple listings on a single page. These can be seen within Google My Business reviews section at

Google made the announcement over here saying “Businesses can view reviews for multiple listings at once. With bulk reviews, you’ll be able to view, reply to, and flag reviews for multiple listings from one place.”

Bulk review management is available in locations groups that have 500 or less locations, but isn’t available for organization accounts.

Too check it out, you can login to Google My Business and click on the left side to access the “Manage reviews” tab. When you click on it, you will see all your reviews on one page.

Being able to see all of your reviews on a single page can be a huge benefit because it saves you time and helps you find and report on important reviews sooner. You won’t have to click into each individual listing to see its reviews.

SourceBarry Schwartz