Google recently released an update to the Google My Business API, which is the method developers can use to get data from Google My Business.  Version 4.3 of this new update brings the addition of Q&A APIs, which allows you to retrieve questions, post answers and provide FAQs.  You can even read reviews in bulk, report issues, identify unclaimed locations, and more.

The following is the full list of what’s new and what’s changed in this new version:

  • Questions and Answers APIs:
    • Retrieve questions, post answers, and provide frequently asked questions on your business locations.
  • Bulk-Read Reviews:
    • Retrieve reviews for multiple locations in a single call.
  • Recommended GoogleLocations:
    • See unclaimed locations that Google thinks might be owned by you.
  • Report GoogleLocation Issues:
    • Report issues with either RecommendedGoogleLocations or GoogleLocations results.
  • Service Enum for PriceList sections:
    • Identify a PriceList section as either containing FOOD items or SERVICES provided.
  • Media Description:
    • Provide a caption when uploading new media.
  • CHAINS_QUERIES Insights:
    • Retrieve the number of times a location was shown as a result of a search for the chain it belongs to.
  • Notifications for Organization Accounts and Location Groups:
    • Accounts configured for Pub/Sub notifications will now also receive those notifications for any listings contained in an Organization Account or Location Groups they are a admin of.
  • ListLocations for Org Account and Location Groups:
    • accounts.locations.list called with a User Group or Organization account now displays all locations that are accessible by that account.

These additions can help businesses that mange a number of locations.  It’s important using the API to build your own tools to better keep track of important information, like Q&As submitted about your businesses in Google Maps and local.  It never hurts to make sure that your local listings in Google are properly managed, maintained and looked over.  There are times when APIs can help with that.

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