It is possible, with Google My Business Insights, to filter your analytics to show how many people found your business in Google local maps through branded searches.

Now, you’ll be able to see the percentage of people who find your business on Google in maps and local search through either searching your company name, company brands and generic keywords such as categories, products or services.

In order to see this, all you have to do is login to Google My Business and click on the “insights” section and you will see the graph has now three cuts out of the pie.

If you have enough branded searches for your local listing, Google may show you a new yellow section for “branded” related searches. The three categories are:

  • Direct (green) – Customers who find your listing searching for your business name or address
  • Discovery (blue) – Customers who find your listing searching for a category, product, or service
  • Branded (yellow) – Customers who find your listing searching for a brand related to your business

The newest addition is “Branded” and it shows how many people found the business on Google Maps and local search for brand related searches.

Google explains “Branded searches: A customer searched for a brand related to your business (e.g. a customer looking for fast food searched for “McDonald’s” and found your fast food restaurant listing). This category will only appear if your listing has appeared at least once for a branded search.”

Branded searches gives you and your marketing team more detail on how your customers find your business in local search.  This helps you understand how people are searching for your business, as well as the areas you can improve on with your local SEO strategy.

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