On March 20, Google temporarily disabled new local reviews as well as the ability of businesses to post review responses. Although this was previewed in Google’s earlier announcement about limited GMB functionality during the coronavirus crisis, it took many local SEOs by surprise.

By March 23, a number of local SEOs complained about various problems and delays in posting new listings or hours and address updates, even though Google said it would prioritize “open and closed states, special hours, temporary closures, business descriptions, and business attributes edits.” Mike Blumenthal reported that Post aren’t working.

If you are running a restaurant, and you’re having trouble getting Posts to work, a faster way to communicate the availability of takeout or delivery service is to add that to the name of your business. Typically, this isn’t allowed, but according to Joy Hawkins in the Local Search Forum, “Google said that they are fine with restaurants adding ‘Delivery Available’ or ‘Takeout Available’ to their business names during these crazy times.”

SourceGreg Sterling