Google-My-Business_LogoRecently, Google announced in the Google Business forums that there is a new design update for the Google My Business portal.  The new update includes new navigation that makes it easier to access the primary features, as well as making it more straightforward when accessing multiple locations when using Google My Business Locations.

There are new tabs and buttons for more common actions that you want to take, like editing, photos, insights and reviews.  If you’re a merchant with multiple locations or Google+ brand pages, you’ll see an updated management experience with two tabs:

  • one for “Locations”
  • and another for Google+ “Brand Pages”

With the “Brand Pages,” you can view your listings or pages in either a card or list format.

You will also find “Contact support” links that provide faster support.

If you’re interested in seeing the new portal, Mike Blumenthal has posted a video tour, saying that the changes provide “improved organizational structures, better menus, easier navigation and faster response times.”

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