There’s a good chance that, if you go to Google News, you’ll end up seeing a tone of spam if you scroll through the health section, or go to the health section.  It seems that Google news was injected with quite a lot of hacked content for both pharmaceutical spam.  There’s even unrelated dating sites spam that made it onto the site.

Image from Search Engine Land

The content first appeared directly on the main Google news home page, but it will still be there when you try to load more health news.

Is Google aware of this issue?  Right now, it’s unclear on if they are and if they are actively cleaning it up at this point.

It’s not clear how the spam was able to make it’s way into Google News in the first place.  It’s possible that they had been approved, and then hacked afterwards.  Either way, the publisher is going to to have to clean up that hack pretty quick, or else they’ll be dropped from Google news and the search index until the site has been cleaned.

Dealing with hacked content in Google is a growing issue Google is aware of.

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