Google Now Auto-Converts Flash Display Ads To HTML5 For Mobile

Google adwordsRecently, Google announced that any display ads created in Flash will be converted to HTML5 automatically, which will enable them to be viewed on mobile devices and browsers that don’t support Flash.

Last fall, a slew of updates was announced, and was designed to make Google’s display formats more mobile-friendly.  This feature was part of the updates announced, which allows ads to be converted when advertisers upload Flash ads to AdWords or through third-party tool.  Before this update happened, Google would display a static image backup of an ad on a platform that didn’t support Flash.  With this update, the full Flash ads will be displayed as fully interactive on any device.

To any of those concerned about if the change will affect new or existing campaigns, don’t worry.  The update will affect every campaign, regardless of if it’s existing or new.  There is no need to make any sort of change if you’re currently running Flash creative.  Even with this being the case, you’ll want to test your ads using Google’s Swiffy tool to make sure your ads can be converted successfully.  If you upload it through Swiffy and the ad converts correctly, you’re all good in AdWords.

Finally, you can segment ad reports in AdWords by device as well.  This way, you’ll be able to tell if you are accruing impressions on tablets and mobile, and you’ll know if your ads are being converted to HTML5.

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