It seems that some have spotted reviews being displayed in Google in a carousel format, placed more prominently on local business profiles. Aneel Badyal was one who spotted the feature, which was then confirmed by a Google spokesperson.

A screenshot of the reviews carousel that surfaces on GMB profiles for relevant queries. Source: Aneel Badyal.

Although review excerpts on Google My Business-powered listings aren’t anything new to write home about, them being displayed in a scrollable carousel format is. This could help promote viewing more reviews without the user having to click “see all reviews.” Not only that, the carousel is placed high enough on the listing so that users don’t have the need to scroll down to view them.

This can be beneficial for businesses who have positive reviews and underscores the importance of reviews within the context of you GMB profile.

“We’ve begun showing Reviews and Q&A that are relevant to the user’s query on the business profile,” a Google spokesperson confirmed. “These are surfaced when there is a sufficient number of high quality reviews/Q&A for the specific place related to the user’s query.”

Currently, the reviews and Q&A sections are only available in English.

SourceGeorge Nguyen