google-thumbGoogle has announced richer earthquake information right at the top of the search results for earthquake related queries.

The company is giving people who felt a tremor quick and authoritative information about what they were feeling.  Google said that the “information will include a summary of the size of the quake, a map of the affected areas, and tips to safely navigate the aftermath.” Also, the Google “map will show areas that shook with various intensities (known as a shakemap), so you’ll be able to quickly assess the reach of the earthquake as well as its epicenter.”

Google will even show you safety tips, as well as show you the estimated damage hours or days after the event.

To try it out, search for 

[earthquake] or [earthquakes near me].


Here is an image I captured through my iPhone that shows a current image of an earthquake that happened recently near me:

Google Eathquake iPhone

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