Last week Google announced that it officially removed several old reports within the old Google Search Console.  It was reported earlier reported earlier that Google would be dropping these reports on December 13.

The specific reports that were removed included:

  • AMP
  • Index Status
  • Links
  • Manual Actions
  • Mobile Usability
  • Rich Cards
  • Search Analytics reports

But don’t worry, as Google has replacement reports in the new version of Google Search Console.  Some will have the same name, while others will have new names.  Each report removed to date has a similar version in the new Google Search Console.

There are still many other reports that have remained in the old version of the Google Search Console at this point in time.

There are notice and hyperlink buttons that Google posted to communicate that the old reports were removed and how users can access the new reports. Here are Search Engine Land screen shots from a few of these old reports:

If there is a problem with the new reports, it was stated by Google that you should submit feedback through the new Google Search Console.  You can do that from the menu by clicking on submit feedback.

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