Google on How to Use Keywords in Content

When it comes down to it, does keyword targeting in your content matter? Somebody who was wondering about this wondered if the specific use of keywords in content was a bit outdated and if it’s something that we should keep trying to do when writing content.

According to the person:

“I have a directive to use keywords, specifically target keywords in meta tags, use it here in the H1, use it this many times in a piece of content.

And that really just seems outdated to me, especially with all the advances in semantic search and all the cool MUM and all that other stuff that’s coming down the pipe.

…Basic question, do you think that’s still a legitimate SEO tactic?

Or should we not be focused on using this particular keyword this many times on a page?”

John Mueller of Google answered this question and affirmed that the value of using keywords and of correctly mapping words to the topic you are writing about.

Source – Search Engine Journal

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