For the time being, it’s still unclear if the March 2019 core update that was released on March 12th will have a huge impact or not for publishers and search marketers.  But some information was pulled out of Google by Search Engine Land.

When SEL asked if this update reversed the previous core updates, such as the August 1st core update, a spokesperson from Google had a comment ready to go: “We’re constantly improving our algorithms and build forward to improve.”

But in the end, Google didn’t say no.  Basically, Google said that it makes changes with the effort to improve their algorithm.  Several core updates are done per year, and each is aimed at making some kind of improvement.

Even then, the data does show some of the sites that got hit hard with previous core updates improved with this last one.

Google said this update was not related to any of the past Penguin updates. “This wasn’t a Penguin update, because we no longer have those, as we’ve said before. This was a core update, as we’ve explained.”

Google won’t say how big this update was but said it wasn’t the biggest. “This was a noticeable update that we felt warranted confirming, in keeping with what we’ve said before,” Google said. In fact, Google said “But it is far from being the biggest update Google has ever done.”

Google wouldn’t go into more detail around how big this update was, saying “we’re not characterizing it beyond that.”

According to the company, all core updates and neural matching updates are unrelated.  Google said that they checked to see if any updates to Google’s neural matching were released around the same time as any of the core updates.  They weren’t.

“Neural matching has been part of our core ranking system for over half-a-year. None of the core updates we have confirmed coincided with some new use of neural matching,” the company said.

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