Google Partners – Ask an Agency series – Lead Generation: Best Practices for Home Improvement Businesses

In this edition of Google Partners video, what will be discused?  Well, best practices for lead generation as they relate to Home Improvement Businesses, of course! Some of the questions that will be answer are:

-How important has Google become for remodelers and home improvement businesses across the country?

-What are some of the best practices that home improvement businesses can employ to be successful with their online marketing?

-How has mobile advertising impacted how homeowners interact with home improvement companies?

-How important are phone calls coming from the web to these home improvement companies?

-Can a small remodeler or home improvement company compete with larger players online, like the big home improvement chains?

-How do Google’s local targeting options help remodelers who may only operate in a specific region or geographic area?

-Is there a common mistake that home improvement companies make when they advertise online?

Google speaker: Andy Schumeister (Agency Development Manager)