Google-Pigeon-updateGoogle has confirmed that the local Pigeon update, which originally rolled out in July of this year has now expanded to the UK, Canada and Australia over the last week.

After being questioned about rumors of this change, Google responded by saying, “I can confirm that this update has rolled out to the UK, Canada and Australia.”

The changes were first spotted by BrightLocal, who asked if Google did indeed roll out the Pigeon updated beyond the US.  Of course, the answer they got was a yes.

Originally, the Pigeon update was aimed at give more useful, relevant and accurate local search results tied more closely to traditional web search ranking signals.

With the roll out to the UK, Canada and Australia happening last week, it could impact a number of local shopping traffic for many merchants in these new areas.

Do you think that Google should have held off on the update until after the holiday shopping season?

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