It was reported last week on Search Engine Land that Google will be pushing out an update to the Google Pirate Update in the upcoming weeks.  It seems that Google surprised us by pushing the update a few days ago.  According to Torrentfreak, the update has impacted a number of sites already.

Below is a screen shot of the SEO visibility for the, thanks to SearchMetrics:

According to SearchMetrics, there was a keyword drop of about 68% for this European torrent site.  All I can say is “ouch”.

“Earlier this week all search traffic dropped in half” was what the owner of told TorrentFreak.  The traffic graph that he shared showed the decline in traffic over time from Google is shown below.


For more examples of torrent sites that were hit, you can check out this Torrentfreak post.  In the end, does this mean that the update rollout is complete, or is there more to be expected in the following weeks?  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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