If you’re a Star Wars fan, you probably already know what day it is.  Yup, that’s right, it’s May 4th, and to Star Wars fans, today is been dubbed as Star Wars day.  The clever phrase spoken every time the 4th of May comes around is “May the Fourth be with you.”

It even seems that Google Play has been positioned for today’s space-fairing sci-fi classic, as you will find that the Google logo has been replaced with Bartolomeo Cristofori, who was the inventor of the piano.  In this special logo, Barty holds court on the homepage, with a plug for Google Play.

The link that can be found below the standard Google search bar includes the link leading you to the selection of Star Wars movie offerings available on Google Play.



Promotion on the Google homepage isn’t at all new to the search company, as they’ve used the home page to promote products before.  Google has even featured links to Android phone products, including the Nexus One.


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