Google Plus Is Small, But Still Not Dead Yet

Google+ logo OK guys, here we go again.  Here is a post that is related to the “Is Google+ dead yet?” topic.  Yes, we get to talk about the possible death of Google+ once again.  After all, it isn’t like the topic hasn’t been covered here on Thrive before, or other sites, like the one by , called “Why Google Plus Will Not Die (But May Change).”

I do wish that there was something that could be done that would indicate to everybody that Google+ is here to stay, or will forever perish in the halls of social media shame.  There has always been the argument that Google+ is dead and that Google is desperate to do anything they can to make it work (look at what they did when the forced people to sign up for Google+ if they wanted to comment on YouTube videos), while others are saying that those Negative Nancys are being to dramatic and that Google+ will survive.

For Mark, he has declared a win for himself, as he predicted a year ago that Google+ would still be around after its founder, Vic Gundotra, left the company.  Granted, he did say there was always the possibility that Google might kill the brand “Google+” without actually killing the social network itself.  But obviously, we still have Google+.

But even now, people are still saying that Google+ could be close to death.  There is a wave of posts that came about since the announcement that Bradley Horowitz was taking over the reins from Gundotra successor Dave Besbris.

In Mike’s most recent post on the matter, he addresses the rumors that  have been created because of the changeover, as well as some findings from a study done recently of public posting on Google+.  Mike gives his opinion on what this means for the future of Google’s social network.

Check out his post now by following the link below.

Marketing Land: Google Plus Is Small, But Still Not Dead Yet