google-plus-logoFrom my previous experience, Google+ was an underdone and under-appreciated social network that many people over looked because there were other social channels that just did better (we’re looking at Facebook and Twitter and the like).  But that’s not to say that Google+ is bad a bad social network and that it’s not worth using.  Certainly, Google+ has its strengths and weaknesses, just like with Facebook.

Back at SMX East, which took place in October,  presented there with his “Putting the SEO Power of Google+ to Work.”  This presentation was the tip of the iceberg of his study that confirmed a hypothesis that Mark had come to.  It seemed that Google+ profiles and pages can gain ranking authority in Google search, just like you’d see with regular web pages.

Mark posted an article up on Search Engine Land where he expands upon his presentation and lay out the full case.  To read about it, you can visit the site through this link: