Back in February, a number of sweeping changes was announced by Google to the requirements for agencies to qualify for the Google Partners badging and certification program. Originally, the requirements were supposed to take effect in June, but due to the issues caused by the coronavirus pandemic and shelter in place orders, Google has decided to postpone the changes until 2021.

“We hope this change helps give you and your customers the time you need to adjust to the ongoing developments,” the company said in an email to agencies Wednesday afternoon.

Not only that, agencies that have had active badges or specializations at any time this year can keep or regain their Partner status until the new measure go into effect next year.

As an example, agencies that could have lost or risk losing Partner status this y ear since they can’t meet the current spend threshold as clients cut ad budgets during this time can keep their status.

Agencies that don’t have a bade or specialization, such as Search, Video, Display or Shopping, can earn them based on the existing criteria until the new program launches in 2021.

Google hasn’t specified exactly when in 2021 the new program will launch.

SourceGinny Marvin