Google Provides FAQ About Authorship, From Blocking To No Mascots

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Are you wanting to get your Google authorship?  Some answers have been provided via the Google Webmaster Central blog through a new FAQ.

What Qualifies For Authorship?

Have you wondered what pages can authorship be applied to?  Some of the criteria includes the page is mostly authored by the designated author.  This means a page that carries a byline, as well as it being a single article.  It can’t be a compilation of articles by the author.

No Mascots Allowed!

Despite the idea of how entertaining it would be if a company mascots appeared as an author in Google search results, they don’t like that. Google prefers to feature a human as the author of an article or blog post.

Pick One Google+ Profile

If you’re planning on having multiple Google+ profiles that are all in different languages, don’t do it says Google. You can’t link all of these profiles just because you write in different languages.

One Author Only, For Now

For the time being, Google authorship still won’t support content pieces that are written by more than one on there period google says that they are still experimenting on how to deal with a situation when are are more than one author.

Yes, You Can Block Authorship

Do you have a page or site where you don’t want authorship to appear?  Google says that you can block your profile from being used for authorship. For more information, check out the instructions here.

Authorship Isn’t Publishership

Just like the rel=author tag that is provided by Google, a rel=publisher tag designed to help publishers identify a publication of content. This means authorship and publishership are completely separate. Besides, it doesn’t really do much for the time being.

Authorship Isn’t For Product Listings

It won’t matter how hard anyone has worked to create and customized product pages for retail items, or other things like property listings. Authorship is discouraged in these cases.

More Information

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