Google has finally expanded support for rich cards globally.  On March 28th, Google updated the blog post that originally announced this feature back in May 2016.  With this updte, Google has said that rich cards are available globally.

Previously, rich cards first launched in the US just for movie and recipe websites.  Over the months, it was expanded upon, both in terms of the types of websites that are supported and what geographic versions of Google search support it.

With rich cards now global, Google had this to say:

In 2016, we launched rich cards in the US, creating a new way for site owners to present previews of their content on the Search results page. Starting today, sites all over the world can now build rich cards across Google Search.

By building Rich Cards, you have a new opportunity to attract more engaged users to your page. Users can swipe through recipes in the UK from sites like BBC Good Food or browse movies in Mexico from Cinepapaya or view restaurants in Germany from Also, rich cards support the AMP format. So if you build AMP pages, users will be able to swipe near instantly from page to page.

There has been no announcement made by Google on this expansion at this point.  Search Engine Land found this thanks to a tip from @ShobhitSaxena22.

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