Google: Redirecting A Penalized Site To Penalty Free Site Likely Won’t Negatively Impact The Site

Google Last week on Friday, John Mueller from Google answered a question posed by  in a Webmaster/Search Helpdesk Hangout that had to do with issues that centered around a penalized site being redirected to an unpenalized site.

The question was this:

What if a competitor takes a site that has a severe penalty and 301 redirects it to my penalty free site, would it cause my penalty free site to get a penalty?

According to John Mueller, he hadn’t ever seen a case like this where a penalty stricken site ended up affecting the site.  It’s pretty easy for Google to catch situations such as the one proposed by Barry Schwartz.  On a good note, John Mueller added that if there is any sort of worry that you still have, you can always disavow all the links that point to your site from the penalized site.

The question that he answered was at 27 minutes and 30 seconds into the video.

 But if there is still any question, penalties can still follow you, even if you don’t redirect one site to another site.

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