how-google-s-semantic-search-will-change-seo-84bf99485aHas a Google update been released on the 14th of November?  If it had, there has certainly been no odd chatter from webmasters, as well no news release about it from Google itself.  It seems that some weird things happened on the day of the 14th, and it was caught by Moz’s own MozCast and SERPmetrics on the very next day when they looked at their data.

, a contributor to Moz has written a piece for the Moz Blog concerning the possibility of an unannounced update for the search engine, or what could have actually happened if there was no update.  What could have been the cause of the unusual spikes in MozCast and SERPmetrics?

To find out, check out Dr Meyers blog piece by following the link below: